As a Christian community of faith, we share beliefs with followers of Jesus around the world.  The most basic, clear and unified summary of faith is found in The Apostles' Creed.   This ancient creed can be summarized in a contemporary way as follows:

  • We believe there is a loving God who created the universe in which our tiny planet earth is found.  
  • We believe, due to an epic fall into sin, our world is in need of God's saving love.  
  • We believe Jesus of Nazareth was divinely sent into our world to offer this love with shining grace and striking truth, through his birth, life, teaching, suffering, death, resurrection, and return to heaven until he comes again in glory.    
  • We believe the Holy Spirit continues to shine God's grace and truth upon this world and into our hearts and minds, in order to echo Jesus' prayer that God's 'kingdom come on earth as it already is in heaven.' 

For some current and older faith statements from the denomination we're affiliated with, the Presbyterian Church in Canada, click any of the links below: