History and Building

  • Knox is blessed to be one of the early historic Christian Churches in Ottawa, founded in 1844 when the city was a small lumber outpost called Bytown.   For a brief timeline with highlights, click History of Knox
  • Sixteen clergy have served as Ministers at Knox 1844.  
  • A number of detailed narratives have been written about the history of Knox Church in Ottawa, including A Settled Place, the most recent publication coinciding with Knox's 150th anniversary, written by Alison Hare.   Copies are available through the church office.  
  • Knox has a History and Archives Room which includes documents and photographs dating from our earliest years in the 1800s to present day.  Come and See!

Our current building is located on the corner of Elgin Street and Lisgar Street.   Built in 1932, Knox is part of the urban core of the city.  Explore this part of our website for some of the features we really enjoy about our facility and it's location:  

  • Architecture: Upon seeing Knox's building for the first time, many are surprised to discover it was only constructed in 1932.  Designed to replicate elements of English Gothic and Norman Church architecture, both the exterior and interior give Knox an impression of being a much older building.   
  • Stained Glass: Two striking stained glass windows, one on the east wall in the Chancel area and the other on the west wall above the balcony, offer inspiration and meditation in Knox's sanctuary.   The Chancel window was installed in 1955 and the balcony window in 1977.   Both windows are the creation of William Wilson from Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Iona Mural: In 1956, a beautiful sketch of a monastery on the island of Iona, Scotland was painted in the downstairs hall by Knox member Molly Grendal (1913-1980).  
  • Garden Courtyard: Located on the south-west side of the Knox property, our garden courtyard is one of the few green spaces on the busy Elgin Street.   The garden is beautifully cared for by a faithful group of Knox members plus other volunteers and is enjoyed by many who run, walk, or cycle past.  The garden is also a great location for staging photographs when weddings are held at Knox. 
  • Watch our intro video below to learn more about the history of Knox and our current building: 


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