Marianne Rasmus
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If you would like to support the work of Knox Church, the following donations options are available:

1. PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance): PAR contributions are debited from the contributor’s account monthly around the 18th of each month. The fee for the service is $0.50/contributor, which is paid by the church.
a. Existing PAR contributors altering monthly donation.

i.If you would like to increase your PAR contribution, please send an email to Marianne at detailing the changes you wish to make. Marianne will notify the PAR Administrator with the changes.
ii. If, for reasons related to your own financial security, you need to decrease your amount at this time, please also contact Marianne and she will notify the PAR Administrator of your request.
b. New PAR contributors

If you would like to set up a new PAR contribution, please complete the attached form (see below). If possible, please scan the form and forward it by email, along with a copy of a voided cheque, to the church office at Otherwise the form and voided cheque can be mailed to the office at 120 Lisgar Street. K2P 0C2

2. Canada Helps:
a. Canada Helps donations can be made directly through the church’s website, Click on the “Donate” button at the top of the page, then “Donate Now,” which will take you directly to the Canada Helps portal.
b. Donations can be designated to General Support or Out of the Cold.
c. Donations can be made one time, or can be recurring.
d. Funds are deposited into the Knox account twice monthly.
e. A 3.5% fee is paid to Canada Helps by the church.
f. Income tax receipts are prepared and issued by Canada Helps.

3. E-transfers
a. Knox is set up to receive e-transfers.
b. E-transfers are sent via on-line banking.
c. E-transfers should be forwarded to
d. Should you choose to make an e-transfer, please be sure to include enough details in the message (i.e. name and envelope number) to ensure the funds are designated and tracked correctly.
e. Generally, e-transfers require a password in order for the funds to be deposited. Please forward any password to Marianne at, or, if you would rather, forward your phone number and she will contact you to obtain the password.

During these difficult times, the three electronic options (above) are the easiest to administrate, as they don’t require counters, or contact with other people. We do, however, understand that not everyone is comfortable with theses options. For those who are not, we have two additional options:

4. Canada Post
Cheques can still be forwarded to the church through Canada Post. Please mail cheques to Knox Church, 120 Lisgar Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 0C2

5. The Back Door (Lisgar Street) Mail Slot
Cheques can also be dropped off at the church through the mail slot of the Lisgar Street (OOTC) door.