Carol Spendlove
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Kyle Chalupka and girlfriend Meagan Van Blitterswyk have become a familiar enough sight leading the children’s song on Sunday mornings at Knox that it’s not too surprising to see them on the church website – he strumming the guitar, she at the piano.  In these extraordinary times though, the piano is in the living room of Meagan’s parents’ house in Brockville, and the vocals of “Blessed Be Your Name” are coming from Meagan’s dad, James. The Van Blitterswyk’s invitation for Kyle to weather the Corona Crisis in their home rescued him from being cooped up in his room in an Ottawa apartment shared with four roommates.  In Brockville Kyle spends his time working on long-distance presentations towards his degree in education – presentations that in normal times would be before a classroom full of his peers.  In fact, had it not been for the pandemic, Kyle would be starting a placement at Queen Elizabeth School in Vanier next week. Kyle, whose internship is centered on the Knox Sunday School has taken on the task of producing songs and stories for the church children, starting with the story of Joseph and his brothers, recorded in his bedroom in Brockville.  Story number two will be posted this coming Sunday, along with “Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone,” by Kyle, Meagan, and James. Watch this space.