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Applications are now open for Student Internships at Knox for the 2020-21 academic year!

Yes, it's true, COVID19 is looking like it will have a significant impact on university studies this Fall and could greatly impact the upcoming year of post-secondary learning.   Inspite of this, and also exactly because of the greater uncertainty for students this year, Knox Church is making a renewed committment with our Internship program for 2020-21!  

This will be the third year of the KNOX STUDENT INTERNSHIP program and we're excited about the possibilities of having students come alongside us in ministry again with their talents, skills, and enthusiasm.

It's worth noting that our 2019-20 Student Interns rose to the challenge near the close of their Internships this past year as the pandemic began.   Their involvements continued and even expanded in the following ways: postings on our website, Facebook and Instagram, online Sunday School, recordings of Children's Time, Songs, and Readings for our online worship, updating our electronic email list, and upgrading our online database of photos.   Our Interns truly helped Knox Church navigate necessary pivots as the pandemic began! 

We are looking for young adult student interns (up to a maxium of 3) to help us continue to adapt to our changing circumstances, whether due to increased challenges with the pandemic or otherwise.    What we do know is that Knox Church values and needs the expertise and energy students are able to offer.   

We are looking for students with an interest to serve in an urban church setting, explore their spiritual gifts, develop leadership skills, and grow via mentorship with our Minister and other leaders at Knox Church. 

Potential ministry experience is varied and could include opportunities in any of the following areas depending on the candidates’ gifts and interests:                                                                    

  • children’s ministry
  • social justice
  • social media
  • adult education
  • worship
  • young adult ministry
  • administration support

Applications will be received until June 15th, after which interviews will take place. Successful applicants will be selected and informed of their internship by June 30th for a September start-up.

The Knox Student Internships will take place over two semesters, with flexibility built in for time off for Reading and Christmas breaks, as well as family functions. 

Interns will receive Bursaries totaling $1500 for the academic year ($750 at the beginning of each semester) in exchange for 3-4 hrs (average) of work per week.    

It's significant to note, especially considering the pandemic, that potential applicants do not necessarily need to reside in Ottawa, though we do expect all interested persons to be enrolled at one of the major Ottawa universities (Algonquin, Carleton, St. Paul, UofO).   Our experience this past year has shown that Interns can often fulfill many responsibilities through online activities.   For example, this past year Interns with a focus on Children & Youth have been instrumental in assisting with our Online Sunday School, and Interns focussing on Social Media have clearly been able to do website, Facebook, and Instagram updates online.    Be assured there are ways in which we're able to find opportunities for Interns to serve!  

For more detailed information, open the Application for Internship document below.   

For further questions about the Internship at Knox program, contact the Minister at Knox, Pastor Jim Pot.  For Jim's contact information, click HERE.

To apply, complete the various components of the application and send to pastor.jim.pot@rogers.com