Wayne Radford
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Enjoy a review of the initiative, for Out of the Cold, in this brief vignette.  (See Video Below)

This brief overview of "Out Of The Cold" at Knox, was initially borne of efforts -- even pre-Covid! -- to acknowledge the heritage and pioneers of this important ministry to our local community.  

As we start the 2021-2022 OOTC season, we give thanks and acknowledge the pioneers who began serving meals and supporting those in need, since 1995.  

A special thank you to Phil Winkelaar for outlining this brief documentary narrative, as well as sourcing and providing archival and current photos, even from personal efforts.

Narration by Phil's son-in-law, Dan Kingsbury, and Dan's son Eric Kingsbury for video effects and transitions. A well-coordinated intergenerational effort!

A special thank you to all volunteers, past and present, and to the team for this milestone acknowledgement, and collaborative effort.