Following Jesus @ Knox

Worship & Ministries

It's our hope your experience at Knox, through Worship or any of our Ministries, will help you grow in knowledge of Jesus Christ and live your life as he teaches.    

In short: we're here to help you find and follow Jesus.   In a world with all kinds of spiritual options, helping one another to find and follow Jesus can seem an overwhelming task, and while we hope you'll grow spiritually with us, we're realistic enough to understand this isn't all dependent on us at Knox.    

Knowing we stand on the shoulders of ancient Christian saints to recent spiritual leaders, this page includes references to a number of exceptional resources for finding and follow Jesus.  

Bible Translations

The best place, maybe not always so obvious, is to read the Bible.   We believe the Bible is God's Word, written by human beings inspired by the Holy Spirit to help us find true meaning in life.   Find a contemporary version or ask us for a complimentary copy.  For Sunday worship at Knox, we use the New Revised Standard Version which uses modern inclusive language.   Another very dynamic and recent version of the Bible is The Message, by Eugene Peterson.   While not technically a translation--it's more of a paraphrase--The Message can bring the stories and poetry of the Bible to life in very new and fresh ways.   

Great Books 

Titles below are from among many proven helpful for people exploring who Jesus is and how to follow him in.   Many of them can be found through most good book distributors or online.   You can also request to borrow copies from Knox. 

Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis

Basic Christianity, John Stott

The Case for Faith, Lee Strobel

The Cost of Discipleship, Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Simply Christian, N.T. Wright

A Place for Skeptics, Scott Larson and Chris Mitchell

Streams of Living Water, Richard Foster